Volumizing Hair Powders: 8 Important Things You Need to Know

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We all know how it feels to prepare to put our hair in a bun or a fancy design, but our hair just won’t cooperate. If your hair is limp, thin, or straight, this problem might be more common than you wish to admit, but there is a solution. Today, there are volumizing and texturizing hair powders that add a little oomph to your hair so that it is easier to work with, making braids, updos, and anything else a lot easier to accomplish.

Nevertheless, before you rush out and buy just any volumizing hair powder on the market, you should learn a little bit about them first, and that’s what this article is here to help you do.

The main purpose of a volumizing hair powder is to add fullness and volume to your hair so that it not only looks better but will also be easier to style into a new hairdo. Let’s face it, it’s hard to create certain hair designs when your hair is thin and sparse, but a volumizer gives you just the lift you need so that all sorts of hairdos are possible.

These powders not only add volume, but they also give your hair shape, structure, and definition. They also allow you to manage your hair better, absorb oil to make it look fresher, and make it easier for your hair to keep its shape and design.

With volumizing powders, dull and lifeless hair will come to life again, and you’ll love the way it feels after the powder is applied.

With volumizing powders, dull and lifeless hair will come to life again, and you’ll love the way it feels after the powder is applied.

What Do Volumizing Hair Powders Do - Volumizing Hair Powders

How to Use Volumizing Hair Powder?

There are several ways you can use a volumizing hair powder, but the best news is that you never have to use a ton of it. In fact, in most cases, you only have to sprinkle a little of the powder on your hair to make a difference.

You can either shake the powder directly onto your roots or throughout your hair to give it volume and texture. You can also sprinkle a little bit of the powder into your hands and distribute it throughout your hair. However, it is recommended to only apply hair powder on dry hair.

If you want instant oil absorption and an instant lift, you can apply the powder just to the roots of the hair. You can also use your volumizing hair powder with other products if you like, including sprays for adding texture or volume to your hair when you want that “choppy” look.

Can I Use Hair Powder Every Day?

While volumizing hair powder is not necessarily bad for your hair, it is generally not recommended for everyday use, unless you wash your hair daily. One of the best things about using this powder is that it is immediately removed once you wash your hair, but over time, it can build up on the scalp and cause a lot of itching and discomfort, not to mention flakiness and dryness.

In addition to this, some people find that using these hair powders regularly dries out the hair, which is yet another reason you should either wash your hair every day or only use the powders a few times a week.

Volumizing powders don’t cause any permanent damage, but it’s best to use them only as directed so that you can get the most out of them.

How to Choose the Best Volumizing Hair Powder?

Some of the things to consider when trying to find the best volumizing hair powder include:

  • Hair type. Different volumizing powders are made for different hair types, so you should check the label and make sure you get the right one. Keep in mind that some of the powders dry out the hair, so using them sparingly when you already have dry hair is highly recommended.
  • Price. Everyone has a budget when it comes to hair care products, but keep in mind that the cheap volumizing powders might be just that—cheap. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to get a powder that is higher in quality.
  • Quality. This is where your due diligence will come in. Check ratings from real-life customers on sites such as YouTube and Amazon before you make your final decision. These usually say a lot more than ads or reviews on the products’ websites.

What Is Volumizing Powder Made of?

What Is Volumizing Powder Made of - Volumizing Hair Powders

Volumizing products are generally made out of a variety of ingredients, but the primary ingredient is silica silylate. The main purpose of this ingredient is to increase the friction between the hair fibers, add volume, and create a matte texture.

Volumizing powders also contain other ingredients like kaolin clay that help absorb moisture, get rid of excess oil, and add more volume and texture.

Many times, corn or rice starches are also included in these volumizing products because they lift the roots of the hair and make it look thicker and fuller.

Is Volumizing Powder Bad for Your Hair?

Volumizing hair powder does not cause severe or permanent damage to your hair, but it is recommended that you keep it in your hair for one to three days only before washing it out. This is because the powder can get mixed in with the oils and dirt in your hair and cause some discomfort or even some itching. It can also dry out the hair if you use it frequently.

According to most experts, as long as you use the powder according to the directions, volumizing hair powders are safe to use.

On the other hand, if you choose to use baby powder to help fluff up your hair, do not use powder with talc in it because the talc can cause damage to the lungs and even respiratory problems. If you’re going to use baby powder instead of a commercial volumizing hair powder, use one that is made of pure cornstarch.

Can Volumizing Powder Cause Hair Loss?

Can Volumizing Powder Cause Hair Loss - Volumizing Hair Powders

The only way a volumizing hair powder may cause hair loss is if you use it too often and for long periods without washing your hair. In this case, the powder, oil, and dirt will build up and not only cause scalp itching and irritation but also clog your hair follicles, which leads to weaker hair roots and, ultimately, hair loss.

Your hair could also become too dry, and therefore, the chances of it breaking and even falling out are increased. It is easy to understand that using these powders only as directed and in no other way is one of the smartest tips to follow when you use volumizing hair powders.

Does Hair Powder Work on Long Hair?

Hair powder works on long hair because most of them recommend that you apply the powder to the hair roots to get the full effect from it. You can use it in the rest of the hair as well, but you don’t have to. Therefore, using hair powder on long hair is never a problem because, as long as the roots are covered with the powder, it will work its magic starting immediately.

Bottom Line

Volumizing hair powders work beautifully, but users are encouraged to use the products according to their directions. The instructions printed on the packaging will tell you how to use it, how often you can use it, and which type of hair it is meant for.

It’s crucial that you follow all of the directions exactly as they are printed. This is the best way to ensure that your hair will stay healthy for as long as you’re using the product.

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