Steam Hair Straighteners: The Complete Guide

Steam Hair Straighteners: Everything You Need to Know

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It has been said that women with straight hair want curls and women with curly hair want their hair to be straight, and this certainly seems to be the case. Nevertheless, when it comes to hair straightening, women haven’t always had the best products available to them. With the invention of flat irons, that changed somewhat, but nowadays, steam hair straighteners are here and they work better than ever.

Steam hair straighteners have small reservoirs that you fill with water so they can create steam, which puts moisture in the hair and prevents it from drying out.
There are numerous steam straighteners on the market today, but finding the right one for your own locks doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, once you learn a little bit about this amazing tool, you’ll find it much easier to find one that meets your needs.

The way steam straighteners work is rather simple. The water you place in the reservoir turns into steam as soon as you plug it in, and the straighteners have vents that release the steam onto your hair. They are great for all hair types, but they are especially good for people with dry, and/or damaged hair because the steam adds gloss and shine to the hair without drying it out.

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of these types of straighteners is the fact that since they put moisture back into your hair instead of taking it out, your hair is both straighter and much healthier once you finish straightening it.

They also work much the same way as regular straightening irons do, with the main difference being the steam feature.

How Do Steam Hair Straighteners Differ From Regular Flat Irons?

There is an easy answer to this question. Regular flat irons often dry your hair out, especially with regular use, whereas steam straighteners put moisture into the hair. If your hair is dry already, steam straighteners will work wonders because they can actually make the hair much healthier, not to mention smoother and shinier.

Regular flat irons are all right if your hair is oily or normal, or if you don’t plan to use it every day, they are also great if you don’t have a lot of time to straighten your hair as regular hair straighteners take less time, but if this isn’t the case, you’re better off going with a steam straightener simply because it does so much less damage to the hair.

Are Steam Straighteners Better Than Normal Straighteners?

For people with wavy hair or oily hair, it might not make much of a difference which type of straightener they use. For those with extra-curly or very dry hair, however, a steam straightener usually works best.

Steam straighteners don’t dry out your hair and even work on super-curly hair, including hair that is unmanageable and coarse. For these reasons, steam straighteners are recommended over normal flat irons and hair straighteners if you have curly, frizzy, damaged, or dry hair.

Are Steam Straighteners Less Damaging?

Yes and no. Steam straighteners do not dry out the hair, and the steam adds moisture to the hair. Nevertheless, if you use a steam straightener incorrectly or hold it on the hair for too long, it can still cause some damage to your hair.

Because of this, it is recommended that you use a steam straightener only according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and follow those instructions to the letter. If you’re doing this and being careful with your hair, you shouldn’t suffer any damages to your locks.

How to Use a Steam Straightener?

Using a steam straightener is much like using a flat iron, with a few differences. Here are the steps to follow to achieve the best results:
  • First of all, always use a heat protection spray before you get started to provide your hair with even more protection from the heat.
  • Use a steam straightener only on dry hair, so if you want to use it after you shampoo your hair, allow it to dry naturally, or blow-dry it using a hairdryer.
  • Fill the water chamber up with water and plugin, then switch the straightener on.
  • Split the hair into sections and work on only one section at a time.
  • Next, set the straightener to the right temperature, and start straightening your strands from the roots to the ends; straighten one section at a time for best results.

Work slowly but not too slowly because you don’t want to spend too much time on any one section. When you’re finished with all of the sections, you can add some hair serum to your hair to make it even smoother and shinier.

When you get started, make sure you fill-up the reservoir with as much water as it will hold so that you don’t run out of it before you are finished straightening your hair.

Using a steam straightener is very simple, and you’ll get used to the process before you know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Steam Straighteners Really Work?

A: Steam straighteners do indeed work, and they work very well. While anyone can use this type of straightener, they are especially useful for women with dry, frizzy, and curly hair. They are also a great option for thick hair, especially if you choose one with a plate made of titanium instead of ceramic.

Q: Can Steam Straighteners Damage Your Hair?

A: If used properly, steam straighteners won’t damage your hair. That being said, it is recommended that you apply some type of heat protection spray on your hair before using the straightener, this way, you get even more protection from the heat and your hair will be even healthier.

Also, never hold the hair in between the steam straightener for too long, especially if you don’t use a heat protection spray, because some damage may occur. And remember to use low heat settings, especially if your hair is dry, or damaged.

Q: Are Steam Flat Irons Good for Relaxed Hair?

A: Relaxed hair tends to like steam, so if you use a steam straightener, your relaxed hair will be just fine. Still, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always make sure that you use the straightener properly.

Q: Are Steam Straighteners Better for Curly Hair?

A: While steam straighteners will work on any type of hair, they are especially made for hair that is extra curly and frizzy. Also, since curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types, steam straighteners can put some moisture back into the hair and make it much healthier overall. This makes using steam straighteners the perfect choice for people with curly hair.

Q: Are Steam Straighteners Better Than GHD?

A: GHD products have been around for more than 20 years, and the company makes a variety of hair care products. These are reasonably priced yet high-tech straighteners and flat irons, GHD even makes a “smart” flat iron, but they are not necessarily better than your average steam straightener.

Since every head of hair is different, you’ll have to try both products to determine which one is best for you, what may work great for you may not be so great for someone else.

But as a general rule of thumb, choose a GHD straightener if you have wavy or straight hair, and a steam straightener if you have very curly, frizzy, and/or damaged hair.

Bottom Line

Steam straighteners are a great invention because they put moisture in the hair, will never dry out the hair, and can make the hair even healthier. They add gloss and shine to the hair and can be used on either towel-dried hair or dry hair, which means you can use yours as soon as you get out of the shower.

If you’ve endured super-curly hair up to now, buying one of these steam straighteners will put you one step closer to having the straight hair you’ve always wanted.

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