Will Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Strawberry Legs?

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Shorts, short dresses, and short skirts are very sexy and trendy, especially in hot weather. The whole outfit may go wrong especially if you have the dark spots manifesting strawberry legs. Several factors that cause strawberry legs are in our control while others are beyond our control since they may be dependent on your genetic composition. If you’re dealing with strawberry legs, you may be wondering, does laser hair removal get rid of strawberry legs?

Below is a quick overview of strawberry legs and how laser hair removal will help get rid of them.

Several factors cause the appearance of strawberry legs. Some of the causal factors are listed below.

• Clogged Pores

Your skin contains numerous pores right from the crown of your head to your heels. The pores on your legs can get clogged with dead skin cells, debris, or bacteria. The clogging of the pores leads to the formation of clogged pores, which turn dark when exposed to air.

The clogged pores turn dark because of the oil and debris deposits in the pore. The oil and debris in the pore dry and then turn dark like the blackheads which may appear on the face. The dark pores are more visible on the legs that have larger pores and thick human hair.

• Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition that mostly appears on the thighs, and regions of the upper arm. At a glance, the common condition manifests itself as tiny goosebumps or pimples which are quite rough. The goosebumps are caused by accumulated deposits of the keratin protein and dead skin cells.

The condition is rampant in the dry months and other parts of the summer. Swimming pool chemicals dry the skin and may cause Keratosis Pilaris when you swim in pools during summertime or dry months. Residents in climates with low humidity are prone to suffer from Keratosis Pilaris.

• Folliculitis

Folliculitis is caused by an inflammation or infection of the hair follicle. Inflammation in the hair follicle occurs mostly after you have used the available methods of hair removal. When the hair follicle remains open for long, you are exposed to fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections.

The use of a hot tub with unregulated pH and chemicals may lead to folliculitis. The condition commences as small red blisters. If left unattended, the tiny red bumps develop into scabs. Folliculitis leads to ingrown hair, which may be associated with strawberry legs.

• Improper Shaving Techniques

To avoid having the strawberry legs, you should use the appropriate razor and shaving cream. Using the inappropriate methods of shaving may cause razor burn and folliculitis, which may lead to the commencement of having ingrown hair on your recently shaven legs.

The ingrown hairs which start to manifest after you have had an improper shave may cause darkening of the skin around the follicle. Individuals with thick body hair are more prone to suffer from strawberry legs and should, therefore, be careful when shaving.

• Dry Skin

The quality of your skin speaks volumes about your health. In order to prevent the appearance of strawberry legs, you should always avoid getting overly dry skin. Dry skin develops irritation after you get a shave which develops into a folliculitis and razor burn. Dryness of the skin may also cause itching effects and darkened spots, which may cause strawberry legs.

How Does Laser/IPL Hair Removal Help Get Rid of Strawberry Legs?

Will laser hair removal get rid of strawberry legs?

How does Laser Hair Removal Work ?

Laser hair removal is a durable and effective technique that consists of permanently removing hair from certain areas of the body. The laser hair removal device emits a highly concentrated beam of light that is transformed into heat when it is absorbed by the pigmentation of the hair; this heat will be carried to the hair follicle, causing its destruction while not causing any harm to the adjacent tissues (the epidermis). As the hair follicle is destroyed, it can no longer produce hair. This process is painless and totally effective.
Laser hair removal is most effective for dark hair and fair skin, but can benefit a wide range of skin tones and hair colors.

How does IPL Hair Removal Work ?

This method is very similar to the laser hair removal method, but unlike laser that works using a single focused kind of beam, IPL works with the use of a series of energy waves.
By absorbing the energy from light waves, the melanin and pigment of the hair undergo a significant temperature increase, which causes damage to the hair follicle. The darker the treated hair is, the more effective and faster the result will be.

How Does Laser/IPL Hair Removal Help Get Rid of Strawberry Legs?

Laser and IPL hair removal are great treatment options for Strawberry Legs, both are effective and durable solutions to permanently get rid of hair, without hair follicles, you can’t have strawberry legs, so laser and IPL treatments get rid of the problem once and for all.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to See Results?

The laser therapy needs to be administered in 3 to 8 sessions with an average of 6 to achieve the best results; performed with an interval of one to two months in between treatments.
The reason why multiple sessions are needed to achieve the desired results is because of the hair growth cycle, in fact, the hair goes through three stages of growth (anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase), however, laser treatment only works during the anagen phase, which is the active hair growth phase.
The number of sessions will be dependent on your hair growth cycle, your hair thickness, the area to be treated, and also on the device used. By the third session, you will start seeing positive results of the laser hair removal therapy.
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work - Will Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Strawberry Legs?

At-home Laser and IPL Devices

At home IPL/laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular thanks to the availability of a wide range of easy-to-use at-home kits on the market, many of which are FDA approved.
Using an at-home laser or IPL device has a lot of benefits, you can treat yourself and achieve excellent results in the comfort of your home, and in addition, you will have the possibility to do your treatments anywhere and at any time.
Those kits are manufactured using the exact same technology used for professional hair removal systems, but in smaller, easier-to-use packages, which means that you can achieve the same excellent results as professional treatments, at a much more affordable price.
If you want to find out more about at-home laser and IPL hair removal, take a look at our reviews of the best laser and IPL hair removal products.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs?

The home and professional remedies listed below can also be used to get rid of strawberry legs.

Home Remedies

You can use home remedies without having to depend on the help of a professional.

• Exfoliation of your Skin

Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead epithelial cells from your legs. The process helps in the prevention of ingrown hairs, which may cause strawberry legs.

Invest in an exfoliator that contains glycolic or salicylic acid, those acids help reduce the appearance of pores, ease inflammation, and exfoliate dead cells.

We love Glytone Exfoliating Body Lotion, it has a rich formula that moisturizes and improves skin texture and leaves the skin soft and supple; we also highly recommend CeraVe SA Cream, it has a unique and gentle formula that exfoliates and moisturizes while helping to restore the protective skin barrier.

• Keeping Your Skin Moist

Improve the appearance of your skin by using moisturizing lotions and skin jelly. A moist skin reduces your chances of suffering from strawberry legs.

Consider buying an intense and repairing body moisturizer, we love CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, it is great for extremely dry and sensitive skin, it soaks into the skin easily without leaving it greasy or heavy, and keeps the skin moisturized all the day.

• Use the Appropriate Shaving Techniques

Ensure that you use the shaving cream and appropriate razor when shaving your legs. Don’t shave dry legs. You should also refrain from using a dull razor while shaving the legs. To prevent rampant cases of ingrowing hair, shave legs with the grain of your hair.

• Use an epilator

The electric epilator is a practical and very affordable way to get rid of unwanted hair at home.

These epilators offer the same semi-permanent result as waxing because both techniques consist of pulling the hair from its root.
The electric epilator is also the best alternative for those who do not want to invest in a laser or pulsed light epilator or, for whom the laser is simply not recommended (black skin or white hair).

We highly recommend Braun Silk-épil 9, it’s so easy to use, waterproof, works on extremely short hair, and gives the best and quickest results.

• Aloe vera massage

Aloe vera is an excellent plant for the skin, it contains 96% water and is therefore a very effective moisturizer. In addition, aloe vera has an antibacterial effect as it contains compounds that act against bacteria and fungi, which are among the major causes of strawberry legs. ​For best results, massage your legs with the aloe vera gel for about 5 minutes, without rinsing.

Professional Remedies

Apart from the laser and IPL hair removal procedures, you can also use Electrolysis hair removal.


Electrolysis is a method of removing unwanted hair which involve the use of low electricity levels. Electricity is used to pinpoint the affected leg hair follicles.

This treatment is safe, effective and permanent, and an ideal alternative to laser hair removal when laser treatment is not an option. Note, however, that electrolysis is a time consuming and slow process since it targets hairs one by one, which requires several sessions to achieve the best possible outcomes, in addition, the process is a bit painful compared to laser or IPL hair removal.

Conclusion: Does laser hair removal get rid of strawberry legs?

The therapy has been proven to work for individuals with different hair and skin texture. In this era and age of advancements in technology, you should not suffer from strawberry legs in silence. The strawberry legs can be prevented or removed easily using IPL or Laser hair removal, check out our article on IPL and laser hair removal devices for at-home use so you can find out which one is best for you.

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