Top 5 LED Light Therapy Devices For Home Use

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LED light therapy devices have been proven effective by thousands of scientific studies for treating a multitude of skin concerns including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, redness, dark circles, acne, broken capillaries, and much more, giving you a smooth, healthy, and young skin.

Previously confined to skin therapy salons and clinics, light therapy is now making its way into people’s homes, this means that you don’t have to go to a salon or spa in order to receive this crucial treatment, all that you need to do is to buy an at-home light therapy device to improve your skin health and appearance.
LED light therapy home devices are not only cheaper, but they are also convenient because they allow you to conduct the treatment at the comfort of your home and at your preferred time.
Listed below are six of the best LED light therapy devices for home use on the market.

LED light therapy is a noninvasive treatment that helps with the healing and repair of skin tissue. Astronauts initially developed this treatment to grow plants in space during missions.

Later, LED light therapy has been proven effective in treating a wide range of skin concerns, such as acne, regulating natural oil production, wrinkles and redness, age spots and sunspots, and much more; besides, it helps to stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

LED light therapy uses light in the visible spectrums such as yellow, blue, amber and red to penetrate the skin depth. It also uses lights that are beyond the visible range, such as infrared. The extent of penetration increases with light wavelength.
The light is then absorbed by skin receptors, thus treating various skin problems that you may have.
The reason why many people prefer this form of treatment is because it is non-invasive and 100% pain-free, it also does not have downtime and is suitable for all skin types and tones.

LED Light Devices - Top 3 Editor's Picks

Project E Beauty 7 color LED skin rejuvenation therapy mask

Project E Beauty

  • 7 color wavelengths
  • 5 intensity levels
  • Neck attachment(optional)
Aphrona LED Light Treatment Facial Skin Care Mask

Aphrona LED Light

  • FDA-cleared with Class II 510(k) approval
  • Features the 3 most effective LED colors
  • Uses narrow-spectrum LEDs
LightStim for wrinkles


  • Especially designed to treat wrinkles
  • Portable and easy to use

Top 5 LED Light Therapy Home Devices

As any online search will show, there is a huge number of LED light devices available on the market, so it’s no wonder if you feel a little overwhelmed with selecting the best device for you, that’s why we have conducted extensive research on your behalf and come up with five of the best LED light therapy home devices that are reliable and give quality results.

1. Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Mask

Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Mask​

Best Overall Led Light Mask

If you want to get a smooth, spotless skin that you once had in your early 20s, then you need to get yourself this mask, this photon beauty mask is designed to enhance skin health and appearance.

Project E Beauty mask is our favorite LED mask as it uses natural light waves which are transmitted to the skin by the LED, it emits seven colors, and each one has its beneficial effects on the skin.
This mask is particularly helpful in rejuvenating skin cells and boosting the production of collagen, whitening the skin, minimizing pigmentation, redness, spots, and wrinkles, it also helps to improve skin elasticity and fight fatty areas.
It is recommended to perform 3 to 4 sessions per week of 10 to 15 minutes each, you can reduce the treatments to 1 to 2 per week once you achieve the desired results.
You don’t need to put on eye protection during treatments, however, don’t look directly to the lights and keep your eyes closed while performing treatments.

Included In The Set

  • LED Mask
  • Remote Control
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual


  • Has 7 different color wavelengths
  • Treats various skin conditions
  • Comes with 5 levels of intensity
  • Natural light waves
  • Portable
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective


  • None

Final Thoughts

Project E Beauty mask is an incredible device for people who want to have healthy, smooth skin. It is simple to use and gives fantastic results almost instantly. The device is also durable, meaning that you can use it for a long time.

Face Mask With Neck Attachment : Check price and reviews here.

2. Aphrona LED Light Treatment Facial Skin Care Mask

Aphrona LED Light Treatment Facial Skin Care Mask

Best FDA-Cleared Led Light Mask

If you’re looking for a quality FDA approved LED light face mask, look no further than Aphrona LED light face mask.

This medical-grade beauty device is not only easy to use, but it is also safe and gives very effective results.

The device features the three most effective colors for the skin:
  • Red LED light, known for its ability to increase blood flow and collagen production, promote tissue repair, calm inflammation, and treat signs of aging, photodamage, and large pores.
  • Blue LED light, known for its ability to treats and prevent acne, improve skin texture, and speed up the healing of acne scars and sunspots.
  • Green LED light, known for its ability to fight uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, diminish redness and broken capillaries, and calm the skin.

It offers 150 high quality LED chips that produce pure and evenly emitted lights, a built-in timer for automatic shutdown, and 10 brightness levels. The device is suitable for all types of skin.

To achieve the best results, you are advised to perform 3 to 4 sessions per week of 10 to 15 minutes each until obtaining the desired results, and then you can do maintenance treatments once to twice per week.

Included In The Set

  • LED Mask
  • Remote Control
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual


  • Features the 3 most effective colors for the skin
  • FDA-cleared with Class II 510(k) approval
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • 150 quality light chips
  • Built-in timer
  • Suitable to all skin types and tones
  • 1-year warranty


  • None

Final Thoughts

What sets Aphrona LED face mask apart from other LED light therapy masks is the fact that it is FDA-approved, which certifies its quality and safety.

3. ECLAIR LED Therapy Mask

ECLAIR LED Therapy Mask

Best Lightweight Led Light Mask

ECLAIR LED face mask is one of the best light therapy home devices on the market. It is not only easy to use, but it is also ultralightweight, weighing just around 2.5 oz.

The device features 3 different colors, and each light has a beneficial effect on the skin. RED Light that reaches deep into the skin to boost collagen production and improve fine lines and elasticity, ORANGE Light that helps brighten the skin tone while fighting pigmentation, and BLUE Light that helps fight acne and large pores, and soothe the skin.

It features 96 pieces of high-quality LED lights that don’t produce heat. The LED mask offers natural light and energy to the skin hence does not harm the skin in any way. It is suitable for all types of skin.

The manufacturer suggests 15-minute sessions, 2 to 3 times per week. To achieve great results, we recommend using this mask continuously for at least 4 weeks.

Included In The Set

  • LED Mask
  • Eye Shield
  • 5m USB Cable
  • User Manual


  • Comes with 3 color light wavelengths
  • It is ultralightweight
  • Comes with an eye shield (Eye Damage Prevention Rating by KTL)
  • It is easy to use
  • Suitable to all skin types and tones
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes of use
  • Portable and durable
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Has fewer LEDs than its competitors

Final Thoughts

ECLAIR LED therapy mask is a great light therapy home device that is ultralightweight and gives quality and long-lasting results. It is easy to use, and suitable for all skin types and tones, even sensitive skin!

4. LightStim For Wrinkles

LightStim for wrinkles

Best Led Light Device for Wrinkles

Lightstim for wrinkles is the first light therapy home device to be FDA approved to treat wrinkles on the entire face, this means that it is safe and gives quality and long-lasting results.
You can use this device to treat wrinkles on cheeks, forehead, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, jawline, lips and much more. Clinical studies have shown that LightStim for wrinkles can help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 8 weeks.
LightStim for wrinkles uses a multi-wave patented technology that emits multiple wavelengths of light simultaneously, amber, deep red, light red and infrared. The beneficial wavelength emitted helps to get rid of wrinkles, including those that normal creams and pills cannot remove. It also nourishes and soothes your skin for a more radiant and youthful appearance.
LightStim for wrinkles is used and recommended by dermatologists, medical spas, plastic surgeons and aestheticians.
To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use your LightStim 5 to 7 times per week, 3 minutes per area, until you reach the desired results, and then you can use it occasionally to maintain the results.

Included In The Set

  • The red light therapy device with plug
  • Goggles
  • Photoserum
  • Beauty bag for storage and travel


  • Has no side effects
  • FDA approved
  • Emits multiple wavelengths that help to nourish your skin
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Fits comfortably in the palm


  • May cause some issues for people with sensitive skin

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend LightStim for wrinkles for people who want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles naturally. It is FDA approved, easy to use, and gives quality and great results. We recommend it for anyone looking for a quality and durable light therapy home device.

5. Eco Face Near-infrared LED Photon Mask

Eco face near-infrared LED photon Mask

Best Led Light Device with Near-Infrared

If you want to have healthier and younger-looking skin, then you won’t go wrong if you choose Eco face LED photon Mask.
This light therapy device provides the optimal illumination and intensity with near-infrared light (830nm) and red light (630nm) to benefit your skin the most without causing harm.
The red color helps to prevent loss of skin moisture and also increase skin elasticity. The near-infrared rays are very effective and entirely harmless to the skin, the rays penetrate the skin deeply, thus improving skin texture, eliminating fine lines, pigmentation, red spots and wrinkles.
It also helps to brighten up the skin and improve skin texture.
Additionally, the mask is lead and BPA (bisphenol A) free. It is also compact and portable.

Included In The Set

  • Eco face Mask
  • Controller
  • Charger
  • Connector
  • Eye and chin gel pads
  • Universal plug adapter
  • User Manual


  • Compact and portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Provides near-infrared rays
  • Not harmful to the skin
  • Easy to use
  • Gives quality results within a short time
  • Lightweight
  • Lead and BPA free
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Head straps can be a little short

Final Thoughts

Eco face LED photon Mask is very effective and gives quality results within a short time. It is also lightweight and portable, meaning that you can carry it with you anywhere. The fact that it uses Near-Infrared light sets it apart from the rest and makes it very special.

Also Great: Amazing 2015 PDT LED four In one Facial skin Treatment

Amazing 2015 PDT LED four in one facial skin treatment

Best Professional Led Light Device

The Amazing 2015 PDT LED is a light therapy device designed so that it guarantees the best results; it will improve your skin by boosting your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production and enhancing your skin’s elasticity.
It is UV free and very effective in treating acne, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, signs of ageing, blemishes, age spots, redness, pigmentation and much more.
Unlike other light therapy home devices that take time before giving quality results, this device offers fast and quality results. Many people who have used Amazing 2015 PDT have said that they started noticing a positive change in their skin health and appearance after the first application.
It produces multiple wavelengths, and each one has its benefits to the skin.
Using the Amazing 2015 PDT LED is quite easy and straightforward. To use it, simply follow the user manual that comes with the device; you can use it 5 to 6 times a week and the recommended treatment time is 20 minutes per session.
The product comes with protective goggles and contains a power adapter plus a user’s manual.
Note that this device is for professional use, but it is very practical for home use too, in addition, its strength lies in its high quality and the fact that it is “professional” and effective.


  • Has no side effects
  • Comes with multiple wavelengths, including red, blue, green, and yellow wavelengths
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Packaging includes goggles


  • None

Final Thoughts

We recommend Amazing 2015 PDT for anyone who wants to get a smooth, radiant and glowing skin within a short time. Each wavelength emitted by this device has a benefit to your skin. The equipment is also durable and very good quality.

Tips on How to Choose the Best LED Light Therapy Home Device

Consider the type of lights emitted (wavelength variety)

led light therapy - wavelength variety
LED devices are available in different wavelengths, and each one has its benefits to the skin.
For instance, red color light penetrates the skin deeply and helps to clear and tone the skin by activating skin cells and promoting collagen and elastin production. On the other hand, the green light is very effective in treating skin problems such as pigmentation, dark spots, broken capillaries, and more.
Blue light helps to get rid of the bacteria that cause acne and to reduce the inflammation associated with it. Yellow led light is great for skin conditions such as rosacea, and redness; it is also known for its ability to speed up the healing process while providing a soothing and calming effect.
It is recommended that you choose a light therapy home device that has the wavelength or wavelengths that will meet your specific needs.

Consider safety

This is a critical factor that most people overlook when choosing a light therapy home device.
Remember that it is your skin that we are talking about. Always check the safety feature of the device before buying one, this way, you will be sure that the device won’t produce side effects that will end up messing your skin.
Experts advice that you should consider buying FDA approved devices. Avoid light therapy home devices that use UV or require you to use harmful chemicals.

Consider comfort

You are going to use this device frequently to improve the condition of your skin. It is, therefore, essential to buy one that is comfortable on your face. Purchase one that is light and compact.

Consider portability

Buy a light therapy home device that is compact and portable. The device should be lightweight and easy to fold and store when it is not in use.

Consider power output

Light therapy home devices have different power output. It is therefore essential to check the power output to see if it sufficient enough to support your skin treatment needs. The more power out, the lesser the duration of the treatment.

Consider price

Although price should not be the main factor to consider, the fact remains that you can only buy what you can afford. It is therefore essential to check price to see if it fits into your budget. The quality of the device should also match with the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED Masks Really Work?

Yes, they work. They emit different wavelengths that help to treat various skin problems.
LED light therapy has been proven effective by many studies all over the world; it has been widely used by dermatologists and clinics to treat a wide variety of skin problems.

Are There Any Side Effects Related To Led light Therapy Home Devices?

LED light therapy devices for home use are among the safest methods out there as they do not use ultraviolet rays. Besides, side effects are very rare if the procedure is correctly done, some rare side effects may include redness, inflammation, and rashes.

Note that it is not recommended to use LED light therapy if you take Accutane for acne or if you’re currently on any sort of medication that increases your sensitivity to the sun.

How Often Should You Use a LED Light Mask?

Each device has its own instructions, but generally, experts recommend that the device should be used 4-5 times a week and treatment should last for about 15 minutes.

What Serum Should I Use With LED Light Therapy?

After your red light therapy session, it is highly recommended to use an anti-aging and hydrating cream or serum, this will speed up the results, replenish skin moisture, and promote faster skin regeneration.
To achieve the best results, look for serums that contain peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, or argan oil.
We highly recommend Project E Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & Vitamin E, it is specially designed to be used after LED light treatments and contains only organic ingredients.

How Do You Prepare Your Skin For LED Light Therapy?

Prior to starting your LED therapy session, make sure to cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser and remove all makeup and skincare products, then pat it dry with a towel.

Final verdict

From the above discussion, it is evident that light therapy home devices help improve the health and appearance of the skin. However, to get the best results, you have to use the right device.
If you want to get fast and quality results, then you should consider buying one of the light therapy home devices recommended above.
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