Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness – How to Use, What to Wear

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The human body is expandable to the forces of nature, and time is mainly the significant player. As you age, your skin resists being your younger version, inviting wrinkles, scars, age spots, or sun damage. Besides, you gain more weight, your body muscles become frailer, and your energy levels reduce. Red light therapy at Planet Fitness helps restore your initial glitter with weight issues, muscle problems, and skin conditions. It uses low-wavelength, non-UV, and near-infrared rays to penetrate deep into the body. And it’s, therefore, a viable way of helping you rejuvenate your body functions.

If you’re planning on subscribing to this therapy treatment, please read on to find out more in this article.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work​?

Red light therapy uses non-UV, low wavelength, and near infra-red light to impact healing. That includes skin remediation, tissue repair, eliminating fat cells, and relieving muscle inflammation pain. According to a study, low-level light therapy can achieve these benefits by stimulating the mitochondria within skin cells to make more adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The role of ATP is to supply energy for all cellular activities.

Red light therapy at Planet Fitness consists of a booth, an enclosure that emits light with red light panels covering the walls, and a vibrating bottom panel. That way, it promotes body enhancement as it targets the entire body.

The cabin has four programs that you can channel depending on the treatment or body enhancement needs. And the services that these treatment services offer you depend on your membership. Black card members have unlimited access to Planet Fitness’s exclusive red light therapy services. However, other members still access the primary red light therapy at a fee.

What Is Beauty Angel at Planet Fitness?

Black cardholders at Planet Fitness are at the top of the echelon and can access many services. That includes access to the “Beauty Angel RVT 30”, a machine that provides for various treatment functions.

The Beauty Angel is available at most Planet Fitness locations. It is more like a booth with a vibration plate at the bottom, and red light panels for the therapy. The red light activates your body’s photorejuvenation process, improves your skin, reduces pain, and heals tissues.

What Does the Red Light at Planet Fitness Do?

The red light at Planet Fitness is non-harmful since it’s non-UV and low wavelength. That makes it fit for your body, eliminating skin issues, increasing blood flow, improving muscle health, and helping with weight loss. That possibly happens since it activates your body’s photorejuvenation process, giving it a shove in bringing about healing.

Once you get in the booth, pull out the curtains and work on the controls, the machine starts emitting the red light. Unlike other light wavelengths from the photon spectrum, red light has the uncanny ability to penetrate deeper into the body. That means it activates both skin layers and reaches the bones pretty significantly.

Below are some of the perks of using the red light at Planet Fitness:

  • Red light treatment improves post-workout muscle recovery. It does this by boosting blood flow to injured or damaged muscle tissues. Which accelerates toxin removal and oxygen distribution to tissues.
  • Red light treatment improves aching muscles, degenerative osteoarthritis, pain and inflammation, scar tissue, and stretch marks.
  • Infrared lights promote hair growth and collagen production. Which helps rejuvenate the skin, and fight signs of aging.
  • The benefits of red light therapy include increased ATP generation in cells. Therefore, if you use it pre-workout, you will be able to exercise harder without feeling exhausted.
  • Red light therapy is also an effective way to combat depression and fatigue.

How To Use Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness?

Always use the red light therapy as the manufacturer recommends for the best results. The duration of use per day matters, and the number of sessions per week or month impacts results.

As a beginner, you must ease into the sessions quite steadily. That means you don’t have to go all pounding in with the treatment sessions every day of the week. Instead, you can begin with a few minutes, perhaps 2-3 times for 12 minutes every week for the first month.

However, as you phase in and adapt, you can make it your staple and rack in more minutes every day without a hitch. Sometimes, it’s ideal to use eye protection if you’re sensitive to light. However, that shouldn’t nag you if you can handle the bright red light. Perhaps, some music can do if you spend more than ten minutes in the booth. And as such, you have the option to select from any genre as you enjoy the remediating session.

Red light therapy is recommended 3-5 times per week. Each session should last between 10 and 20 minutes after working out. You can also use the therapy 3-5 minutes before exercise to prepare your muscles and avoid injuries.

How To Use Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness?

What to Expect?

Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement machine isn’t any different from the standard tanning booths. The machine features some intuitive controls, music, and a vibration plate to step on. It’s expansive enough, allowing you to move about without constraints. Besides, the bulbs emit a red light that fills the machine’s entire void to impact body healing and body enhancement.

The red light therapy works miracles pretty quickly and helps with the body’s total transformation. The results usually kick in in the first two weeks, but that depends on your targeted purpose of healing. Some people report results in the initial weeks of the treatment, especially on their skin. However, after using the treatment therapy for the recommended 90 days, you’ll notice numerous body changes.

Ideally, the first change you should expect includes your skin rejuvenating and the stretch marks disappearing with an even skin tone. Later, you’ll notice a boost in energy levels, a reduction in body weight, and incredible muscle fitness.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness?

The manufacturers recommend using the red light therapy 3-5 times every week. Each session should last no more than 20 minutes and not less than 10 minutes. However, once you feel at home with it, you can make it your everyday staple.

Nonetheless, you should always leave about 24 hours between the sessions as you begin and ease into it. It’d help if you used this therapy treatment for 90 days for the best results.

Should You Use Red Light Therapy Before or After Workout?

You can use the red light therapy anytime towards the beginning and end of your workout sessions. Most people prefer doing it before workouts since it helps prevent muscle damage. That invites longer and incredibly powerful workout sessions, ensuring that you don’t experience any soreness afterward. However, you must use this therapy treatment about five minutes before your workouts.

Post-workout sessions should work the trick if you’re working on weight reduction and skin remediation. However, since the treatment also helps with muscle repair and inflammation reduction, using it after workouts is ideal. Some people use red light therapy in between their workout sessions. And some documented results indicate that it helps with muscle fatigue resistance and performance. However, the best results ensue in pre-and post-workout sessions.

How Many Sessions of Red Light Therapy Does it Take to See Results?

How Many Sessions of Red Light Therapy Does it Take to See Results?

After four months, some results kick in, but some changes usually become apparent in the first month. That includes a few noticeable skin changes, including the regression of stretch marks and wrinkles. However, that depends on the frequency of the therapy treatment sessions. If you take the recommended 3-5 sessions, noticeable results will show up by the third to fourth week. However, some changes take longer than four months, so it helps to be more patient and consistent.

Red Light Therapy at Home

If you can’t access the Planet Fitness gyms for the red light therapy sessions, fret not. You can still access the treatment at home, which, in a sense, isn’t different. Perhaps it’d require you to spend a little in acquiring the treatment devices. However, keep in mind that *home red light therapy devices aren’t as huge, and most target specific body parts, including the face and some areas of the skin. But if you’re willing to throw vast sums of cash into it, you can get the complete body size types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness

Is the red light therapy at Planet Fitness effective?

The red light therapy session at Planet Fitness is incredibly effective and can bring results quickly if you’re perfectly consistent. Most sessions are best before and after workouts, promoting muscle strength, inducing weight loss, and improving the skin. However, you can still isolate your sessions without your workouts.

How long do you stay in red light therapy at planet fitness?

The manufacturers recommend up to 20-minute sessions for better results three to five times a week. However, there are no assurances that extending this duration induces negative impacts or improves the therapy. Keep in mind that working for less than 10 minutes reduces the therapy’s healing implications.

Do you wear clothes during red light therapy?

Since the treatment targets most body parts, you must ditch your clothes. But that doesn’t mean that you walk into the booth completely naked. Just ensure that every targeted part in the treatment therapy gets a fair share of the red light exposure for maximum healing and treatment.

Do you need to wear goggles for red light therapy?

You don’t have to put on some goggles unless the bright red light causes problems for your eyes or you’re naturally sensitive. However, the light won’t blind you or give you subsequent headaches. You can still operate the controls, put on some music, or hover your eyes around with no problem.

Does red light therapy help with weight loss?

Red light therapy is an effective weight loss regimen. Since it targets the body cells, improving the ATP production levels, it invigorates the body functions for increased body metabolism. Besides, the therapy improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body, and enhances weight loss. However, you should not count on it solely to achieve your weight loss goals.


The red light therapy at Planet Fitness helps improve your body functions, including muscle health, blood circulation, and skin remediation. It uses the red light healing abilities and incredible body penetration prowess to activate photo rejuvenation. The red light helps invigorate ATP production to drive numerous body processes.

Red light therapy is available in all Planet Fitness gyms across the country at a fee for every member. However, Black Card members have access to many other services, including the Beauty Angel RVT 30″ machine. If you’re planning on toning your body or treating your skin, red light therapy is your go-to option. And since it helps you cut your weight alongside your workouts, there’s every reason you should subscribe to it. Keep in mind that you can still access red light therapy in the comfort of your home.

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