Does CoolSculpting Work on Belly Fat?

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CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring procedure that helps to eliminate fat cells from various body areas. This treatment, which has been approved by the FDA, works by freezing and killing fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin in a non-invasive manner. It does this without causing any harm to the surrounding muscles and tissues. CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure, but it is highly effective for removing fat cells. Now you may be wondering, does CoolSculpting work on belly fat? Keep scrolling down to find out!

Does CoolSculpting Work on Belly Fat?

Yes. CoolSculpting is a cosmetic medical procedure for burning belly fat, making it practical for treatment around the abdomen. Belly fat is associated with many medical conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Reducing the fat in your belly reduces those risks and boosts your overall physical confidence.

How Effective Is CoolSculpting on the Stomach?

CoolSculpting is backed up by extensive research and studies. According to a 2014 study, coolsculpting can decrease subcutaneous fat in the treated region by up to 25% after just one treatment. The study also mentioned that the technique has been shown to be a very safe way for body contouring, with minimum discomfort.

CoolSculpting works by eliminating small amounts of fat, unlike liposuction, which removes more significant amounts and is more invasive. The former is noninvasive and freezes fat cells (cryolipolysis), eliminating them throughout your body, thus producing less dramatic results. The only side effects to worry about are partial bruises and skin sensitivity, which subside after a few weeks. Also, it takes a few weeks to see the results because there’s a little-to-no recovery period.

A plastic surgeon (or other licensed clinician) places an applicator over your tummy during the treatment before using a vacuum to bring fat cells together. They freeze the fat, causing the fat cell membrane to become brittle. Eventually, the brittle fat cell ruptures and dies, compelling your body’s lymphatic system to remove it. After receiving the treatment, the fat cells are permanently eliminated. The distribution of fat cells will remain unchanged in areas of the body that have not been treated.


Cooslculpting therapy is one of the most cutting-edge cosmetic procedures for achieving fast fat reduction. Here are some of its numerous advantages:

  • Clinically proven fat loss treatment, reducing your risk of developing medical conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Noticeable changes within 8-12 weeks.
  • Non-invasive procedure.
  • It can work on multiple areas like the stomach, knees, thighs, flanks, upper arms, and chin, boosting your overall body confidence.
  • Zero downtime and recovery.
  • Safe and painless procedure.
  • FDA-approved.

Am I a Good Candidate for Stomach CoolSculpting?

Various factors can influence your eligibility for a CoolSculpting procedure, including:

• Your gender

While CoolSculpting isn’t gender-specific, women tend to benefit more from it. Naturally, men’s bodies have fast metabolisms that likely spread their lower fat levels more quickly than women’s. A woman’s body is likely to store fat around the abdomen and hips, making them perfect candidates for the procedure.

• What you want to achieve

If you want to freeze and eliminate fat around your belly, CoolSculpting will work for you. But if you’re looking to lose weight, you might need an invasive weight loss procedure.

• Your body composition

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss regimen, but it can help shed a few pounds. The procedure is suitable for candidates with subcutaneous fat around their love handles and upper arms. The ideal BMI should be 30, so anywhere above that range is considered obese or overweight. So, if you are comfortable with your weight, but still struggle with trouble spots despite eating a healthy diet and exercising, you could benefit from CoolSculpting.

Warning: Don’t go for this procedure if you’ve been diagnosed with cold agglutinin disease, cryoglobulinemia, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

How Much is CoolSculpting for Stomach?

How Much is CoolSculpting for Stomach?

The procedure can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000. The price depends on the amount of fat in the areas you want to reduce. You might need revision or additional treatment for it to sculpt further and contour your shape.

Can CoolSculpting Be Used for Visceral Fat?

No, coolSculpting is not efficient for visceral fat. It might not work on the fat underneath your muscles and organs. It works best on superficial fats, which are soft and pinchable. If you gain weight despite undergoing CoolSculpting, visceral fat will remain intact. That is why you need a healthy diet and exercise to get rid of visceral fat.

Reviews of CoolSculpting on Stomach

One review from SHAPE reveals that CoolSculpting can make you have a slimmer stomach after 8-12 weeks. However, the client warns that you should be strict with your diet and exercise regimen to enjoy the results.

Another review was from GLAMOUR. The writer claims that the applicator suctions on her skin were cold at first, making her skin go numb. After the procedure, her doctor (Ashkan Ghavami, M.D. in Beverly Hills) massaged the frozen area. She needed three appointments to see the results. She admits that CoolSculpting was the best decision she ever made.

FAQ - Does CoolSculpting Work on Belly Fat?

Is stomach CoolSculpting safe?

Yes. CoolSculpting is a tried and tested clinical method for getting rid of stubborn fat around the belly, chin, upper arms, and thighs. It has no downtime, so there’s no need to worry about the recovery period. Also, it’s cheaper than liposuction, which is more invasive.

Does CoolSculpting work if you're overweight?

No. The ideal BMI is 30. If your weight is above the 30-limit, you might want to invest in a more invasive procedure, rather than CoolSculpting, because it only reduces fat in specific areas. It’s not a weight loss regimen.

How much belly fat can CoolSculpting remove?

According to WebMD, CoolSculpting reduces between 20% and 25% of fat cells wherever they’re targeted. The final results might take more than three months, but you should notice changes within that period.

Can you freeze fat at home?

No. The downside to freezing fat at home is that there is no scientific proof of safety without a cosmetic doctor’s approval. You risk developing burns, scars, and even blisters due to the inconsistency of temperatures.

Are CoolSculpting results permanent?

No. Fats can come back, so clinicians recommend two to three sessions to get prolonged results. Alternatively, maintaining a healthy diet plan and exercising can help you enjoy long-lasting results.

Final Thoughts - Does CoolSculpting Work on Belly Fat?

CoolSculpting is the best treatment if you have stubborn fats in your stomach, thighs, upper arms, and chin. It’s scientifically proven to be safe and effective when performed by a licensed esthetician. It can also be a good weight loss treatment if you’re within the ideal BMI range. But if you’re overweight, consult your doctor about the best weight loss solution for your case.

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