Best Hair Dryer and Straightener Set

Hair dryer and hair straightener sets are true miracle workers because you get an entire haircare kit without spending a lot of money. While both the dryer and the straightener are high-quality items, the set usually has a very reasonable price that won’t break the bank.
When you get in front of the mirror to take good care of your hair, it’s nice to know that you can do it all with just one kit.
The best part is that you can find a decent set regardless of your budget since many different manufacturers make them. You can also find the best sets for all different types of hair, so whether your hair is fine, super straight, coarse, or dry, you can easily find a hair dryer and hair straightener combo set to suit your needs.
If you’re curious about which are the best hair dryer and straightener sets on the market today, the following sets are great products to start with.
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Best Hair Dryer and Straightener Sets

Some of the best hair dryer and straightener sets, according to professional critics and real-life customers, are listed below.


Best for All Hair Types

This set consists of a 1-inch negative ion hair straightener, a 1-inch titanium curling iron, and an 1875-watt hair dryer. It is made for all hair types and offers advanced technology so that the results are always second to none.
The swivel cord on the dryer ensures that drying your hair will always be fast and simple. If you’re not sure how you want to wear your hair each day when you get up, this is a great set to have because it has both a straightener and a curling iron. It is also very reasonably priced.


  • Set is very reasonably priced
  • It comes with three pieces, not two as many of the others do (plus a hair towel, a travel bag, and protective gloves)
  • Styling pieces can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The hair dryer offers fast drying times
  • All items are lightweight
  • It is made for all hair types
  • Very easy to use


  • None

CHI I Love CHI Ceramic

Best for Fine and/or Damaged Hair

Complete with a hair dryer, a 1-inch straightening iron, and a cute tote bag, this is a great set to have in your home and when you travel. With CHI products, you can get shiny, frizz-free hair in no time, thanks to the ceramic straightening iron that lives up to the CHI name.

The blow dryer even comes with a diffuser for people with extra-curly hair. The set comes at a very affordable price, which makes it very popular. The products are ergonomically designed to prevent hand fatigue or pain, and best of all, you get the great CHI name to go with it.


  • Products are made by CHI, a top name in hair products
  • The set comes with a cute tote bag to carry everything in
  • It is a complete package for people with fine, damaged, normal, or frizzy hair
  • Very affordable


  • Some complaints that the product doesn’t get as hot as it should

PARWIN PRO BEAUTY Professional Hair

Best for Normal to Coarse Hair

Made in stylish hot pink, this set includes both a hair dryer and a hair straightener. The hair dryer is an 1875-watt ion dryer and the straightener is a tourmaline type, so they are both high quality.

You even get two nozzles for the hair dryer and a special glove to wear so that your hand doesn’t get uncomfortable or too hot. A portable bag completes the set and makes it super easy to travel with. It is also very reasonably priced, so you can even get more than one to share with family or friends.


  • Is very reasonably priced
  • Comes with high-quality hair dryer and straightener
  • Comes in a stylish hot-pink color
  • The straightener is made of tourmaline, so it’s perfect for coarse, thick, or normal hair types
  • Quiet and easy to use


  • None

CHI Tourmaline Ceramic

CHI Tourmaline Ceramic

Best for Dull and/or Frizzy Hair

With CHI products, you can’t go wrong, and this CHI travel set includes a ceramic hair straightener, a hair dryer, a curling iron, and a nice tote bag/suitcase that makes traveling with the products a piece of cake.

These are miniature tools to make it easy to travel with but have all the power of their fuller-sized counterparts. The straightener is 3/4-inch and the curling iron is a 1-inch iron. They are also ergonomically designed so that you experience no pain or fatigue even if you use them every day.


  • Are full-strength tools but miniature in size
  • Is reasonably priced
  • The blow dryer uses far-infrared heat to dry your hair without damaging it
  • Includes iron, curler, hair dryer, and tote bag
  • Great for travel
  • Compact and lighteweight


  • Some don’t like that there is only one setting on the straightener and curler
  • There are some complaints about the size being too small

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer and Straightener Combo

If you’re going to get a hair dryer and hair straightener kit, there are some things you can do to make sure that you get the best one.

Here are some things you can ask yourself when shopping for one of these sets:

  • What can I afford to spend? Like it or not, most people have a budget, and while you can almost always find something spectacular in your price range, it’s still good to know what your budget limits are before you start shopping.
  • What do I need in my kit? Some kits come with just the dryer and straightener, while others add a curling iron and even a tote bag. Decide what you need and don’t need before you shop to save yourself time and money.
  • What is your hair type? Before deciding which set to buy, you need to make sure that it is made with a material that suits your hair type. The three main types of materials used in styling tools are ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. Ceramic is great for normal, fine, or damaged hair; tourmaline is great for normal to coarse hair; while titanium is the perfect choice for medium to coarse hair.
  • What brand do I want to use? If you research different brands, it’ll be a lot easier to decide which dryer and straightener set you want. Knowing this ahead of time can help you find the right set to meet your needs and make things easier on you.


Most women need hair dryers and hair straighteners, and since you can buy them as a set and save yourself some money, why not do just that? Many manufacturers offer these sets, and they all cost less than they would if you purchased the items separately.

When you need a complete haircare kit, these are the type to consider because while some of the kits have two items and some of them have three, you can easily find the kit that has everything in it you need to make your hair look great.

If you decide beforehand exactly what you want and how much you have to spend, plus do a little due diligence in the meantime, it’ll be a lot easier to end up with something just right.

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